Join Me For The Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop

Gratitude is like oxygen. It really is.

2017 has been a bit of a bear for me. You know how life has ups and downs, some of which kind of throw you for emotional loops? Yeah. It’s been kind of like that.

There have been things that have kept me from drowning this year. Some have failed to work a couple of times, and no one was more shocked by that than me.

But. One thing has not failed at any point, and that is, taking a moment, however small, to think about all of the things in my life for which I am overwhelmingly grateful.

I make lists of those things. I go back and read those lists. And I’m overwhelmed all over again, in the absolute best way. Gratitude as a practice has been a sanity saver. It’s that important in my life.

I journal regularly about this, and I create art surrounding it. I am so excited to be part of a Fall workshop online that is all about gratitude and creating something personal that expresses it.

It’s called the Gratitude Junk Journal Workshop, and it starts November 1 and lasts the whole month. Grab your journal or notebook and join me and nine other artists! It’s going to be a lovely and fulfilling month.

Early bird pricing ends October 22 and it is $10 off, making the course $55 until that date. Well worth it! Here are the other wonderful artists who will be teaching:

October 4 Sherry Canino:

October 5 Cristin Stevenson:

October 6 Natalyn Bradshaw:

October 7 Jackie Barragan:

October 8 Nicole Edgecombe:

October 9 Tiffany Goff Smith:

October 10 Cindy Gilstrap:

October 11 Kymona Tracy:

October 12 Deanna Jinjoe:

October 13 Tiare Smith:

Be sure to visit each link because there will be a giveaway spot or two or three in this list!



Now, let me share with you a recent bit of art that I made and am grateful for and why.


This is something I made last week. I was reminded of my parents and grandparents as I was making it, and the things that I learned from them and all of the love they gave me. I am so grateful to have the family that I have and their deposits of love and strength in me.

This is the kind of stuff we will be creating in November. Join us!